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Regular Deadline February 16th, 2017


Where film lovers rub elbows with film makers.


About Hobnobben

Hobnobben Film Festival is where film lovers rub elbows with film makers, in downtown Ft. Wayne, Indiana. This will be the Summit City's second annual multi-day, multi-venue film festival, presented by Cinema Center, a nonprofit film organization with 40 years of experience in the community. This year's film festival will take place June 15th-June 18th, 2017. Ft. Wayne is a cool, little city with a great art scene, a growing downtown busting at the seams with restaurants and bars, and because of Cinema Center, some of the most film-loving folks you will meet in the Midwest. Because Ft. Wayne is where electronics pioneer Philo Farnsworth perfected the invention of the modern television, we have decided to honor him at Hobnobben with Philo Fest, a portion of Hobnobben that focuses exclusively on episodic and serialized television pilots. But, we are also screening shorts and features from local, regional, national and international filmmakers, as well! We had a lot of fun at the inaugural festival and we are sure this year will be even better! Hobnobben is taking Cinema Center, and all of northeast Indiana, down a great, cinematic road for years to come. The festival plaza is all within walking distance from downtown eateries, recreation, bars and all festival-related parties. The three Ft. Wayne venues hosting the Hobnobben Film Festival in 2017 are Cinema Center, Arts United Center and Parkview Physicians Group ArtsLab


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